"Absolutely No Final Fantasy Xbox 360 For Japan"

Click to viewAn issue of Dengeki PlayStation that goes on sale August 29th in Japan, Final Fantasy XIII director and writer Motomu Toriyama and FFXIII Versus director Tetsuya Nomura talk about the possibility of Japan getting a Final Fantasy XIII Xbox 360 version. Nomura says that he himself was "surprised" at the FFXIII Xbox 360 Asia version news, saying that Microsoft's comment ("It would be nice if the game came out") was taken to mean that it was actually confirmed for Asia. More interesting than that clusterfuck is Toriyama's comment about whether or not Final Fantasy XIII will be released in Japan on the Xbox 360 platform:

There will absolutely not be an Xbox 360 version of Final Fantasy XIII for Japan.


Obviously Toriyama is not mincing words. He's being crystal clear. But, really, why not release it on the Xbox 360 in Japan? Sales of the game in both America and Europe (in multiple languages) on both platforms are likely to exceed the Japanese sales markets — so what's the point of no mulit-platform for domestic consumers? From a business stand point, Toriyama's statement seems rather odd. Worse yet, I'm beginning to think that asking Square Enix if the game is coming out on the Xbox 360 in Japan will be the Is-MGS4-Coming-Out-On-Xbox-360 of this and next year. Ungh. Dengeki Scan [2ch.net]

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