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Welcome To The Goose Parade

We may earn a commission from links on this page.
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Gif: Santiago Mayer / Kotaku

This week we talk about Bloodborne, visit the “Rose Garden”, look at some ugly teeth in Demon Souls, check out what’s new in Animal Crossing and watch a goose parade!

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I’ll hold back any Watch Dogs Legion jokes...


Without a big sea change in how music and sound effect laws are handled, I see the future of streaming and online video only getting worse, especially as people find more success online.


A good blog about Bloodborne.



I’m at the Rose Garden. I’m at the Bobby’s Superstore. I’m at the combination Rose Garden and Bobby’s Superstore!


The future is a mess, but it has its moments.


Feels like the goose parade starts earlier and earlier each year! But I’m not complaining!!


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