We Need More Mothman Statues

“100_1681" by Fokket is licensed under CC BY 2.0
“100_1681" by Fokket is licensed under CC BY 2.0
Photo: CC Images (Other)

This week learn about the history of PopCap, take a bad photo of Superman, check out the new Sims reality show, and wish the world had more Mothman statues.


Great Kotaku Content From The Past Week

This is exactly how I would decorate a big house if I was like 17 and had more money than I ever needed.

A wonderful deep dive into the history of PopCap, quietly making some of the most popular games of all time.


Incredible reporting by Ian Walker on a situation that is terrible and will probably get worse before the end of the year as more brave victims come forward with stories of abuse.



See, this is what I really want from a Nintendo fighting game, not the nonsense that is Smash.


“Mom, you didn’t get even get Superman in the Tiktok I asked you record!! I HATE YOU, MOM! I want to go back to my dad’s house.”


I believe the world would be 54% nicer and cooler if we just had a lot more Mothman and Bigfoot statues and less racist military general statues.


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Christine Q.

i’m so glad waluigi isn’t in smash bros.