The Sims Is Getting A Reality Show Because Why Not

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A competition-based reality show themed around The Sims is happening whether you like it or not.

The Sims Spark’d, which is set to premiere on July 17, tasks its contestants with building “the most unique characters, worlds and stories” in The Sims 4, according to a press release. Other than that, details are sparse, but based on the trailer, it’s apparently going to get pretty emotional.

The judges panel on The Sims Spark’d will consist of YouTube creator Kelsey Impicciche, Sims voice actor Tayla Parx, and Dave “SimGuruNinja” Miotke, a longtime producer at Sims developer Maxis. The cast of contestants includes various online personalities, all of which have a connection to the series.


I also noticed a distinct lack of Sims superfan and former Kotaku writer Gita Jackson, but I guess it could still be good.

The Sims Spark’d is a joint production between TBS and Buzzfeed Multiplayer. All four episodes will be available online the Monday after they air on television.

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They’re going to trick everyone to entering a house, then remove all the doors and provide no bathrooms?