The Week In Review: Ringing Out The Old

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The winner and losers; the highs and lows; the disappointing failures and the heartwarming successes of 2010, we covered it all as the Earth's odometer rolled over another year this past week.

Fahey supplied a gorgeous, poster-quality roundup of the 2010 timeline to roundup our recap. Other fan favorites included Crecente's accounting of the past year's worth of controversies; Luke's reminders that not all of 2010's big releases turned out spectacularly; Bash's gallery of cosplayers and my review of the year's NSFW developments.

Happy 2011. Here's the week, covering a year, in Kotaku's original reporting.

2010 In Review

2010: The Year in Gaming
The Year In Sports Video Games
The Year, NSFW
The Year in Controversies
The Year In Disappointments
2010: A Symphony Of Cosplay
The Year In Video Game Trailers
The Year In Surprises: Highs And Lows From 2010
The Year In Motion Control Video Games: The Hype, The Horror, The Happiness
2010: The Year In Good (Video Game) News


Top Stories

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Reviews, Previews, Hands-On and Impressions

Tactic 3D Sigma Headphones Do 2D Just Fine
Do Cheap Tactics Ruin Online Multiplayer?



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The Tester 2's Grand Prize Winner Embraces Obscurity
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iGame of the Day

A Dozen Games That Make iPhone Gaming Worthwhile
QWOP For iPhone Is An Olympic Challenge For Thumbs
Dead Rising Mobile Is Little More Than a Reanimated Corpse
Battlefield: Bad Company 2 Was My Most Played iPhone Game of the Holidays
Real Racing 2 Is A Real Racing Game


Press Play

I've Got Sand In My Arcade Eyes
This Wii Game Scares A Bikini Model To Tears


Culture Smash

New Year Brings New Anime Girl Shrine Hopefuls
The Mystery Of What Foreigners Like About Japan
2010, The Year Korean Pop Burst Japan



What Did You Think Of Gaming In 2010?
Do Cheap Tactics Ruin Online Multiplayer?
Entertainment And Fun Aren't The Same Thing
Dealing With Sex And Violence In Video Games
High Praise For The Fiction Of Assassin's Creed
A Week In Comments



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