2010: The Year In Gaming

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What would the new year be without a massive graphical detailing of the highs and lows of the year previous? Let's take a look back at 2010, giant infographic style.

This graphic is a labor of love created by myself to mark the passage of one hell of a year in gaming. How much a labor of love, you ask? So much so that my parents are sitting down to their annual New Year's Day dinner as I type this, no doubt wondering where the hell I am.

This is by no means a comprehensive listing of all of the games that came out in 2010, nor is it an exhaustive display of every major gaming event that occurred between 365 days ago and today. I put together a list of 150 of the year's game releases, hopefully hitting all the major points in the process, but some may have been missed.


As for the news, I pulled a cross-section of what I felt represented some of the major beats hit by the industry over the past twelve months. For a more comprehensive look at the scandals, surprises, disappointments, and so on of 2010, check out all of the Year in Review articles the rest of the guys put together while I was plinking about in Photoshop.

One final note: I went through the spelling and grammar of this piece as best as I could, but the rest of Kotaku is off today, and I've been working on finishing up what was supposed to be a simple little year-end graphic for 16 hours straight. That's right, I came home from my New Year's Eve celebration, sat down at the computer, and I've been sitting here ever since.

What I am trying to say here is that if you come across any errors, be gentle. Drop me a line at fahey@kotaku.com, and I'll get things polished up as soon as I regain consciousness.

Click here to download your own copy of the infographic to hang on your fridge.

Illustration for article titled 2010: The Year In Gaming

Happy New Year from all of us at Kotaku!

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I feel like this year was a steady stream of disappointments, with a few very notable exceptions. Even the much-anticipated new IPs (Heavy Rain, Alan Wake, Alpha Protocol) didn't live up to expectations.

God of War III, Halo Reach, FFXIII (and XIV for that matter), Move, Kinect... nothing that was supposed to be compelling (at least according to PR hype) really was, and everything that I didn't expect to be compelling (Black Ops, RDR, SMG2, Rock Band 3, ME2) really pulled out all the stops. Weird year.

Hoping for some great new IPs this year.