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Red-Ringed Xbox 360 Faces Celebratory Firing Squad

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

You just wrapped up another semester of college. What are you going to do to celebrate? Shoot up a dead Xbox 360 with semi-automatic rifles of course!

Ben Strauss sends in these pics of the celebratory firing squad that both wrapped up another year at a local college near Kansas City and bid adieu to a red-ringed Xbox 360.

Here's the story straight from Stauss:

I was at the shooting range yesterday with my friends and my brothers. We had decided on taking our rifles out for a long needed range day when we happened upon a couple of students that were celebrating the end of the semester at a local college where I live.

Happens they had an Xbox 360 that decided to RROD on them during the semester, so they decided to make use of the hardware the best way they knew how. My buddies and I offered to help them solve their "problem."


Pictured in the firing squad are students Brett Babcock, Luke Borst and Stuart Washington. The guys holding the M4 type rifles are Stauss' friends and his younger brother.

Thanks Ben!