The Week In Review: Retail Therapy

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We're just 24 hours into the Christmas shopping season and we're thankful there are no reports of tramplings, maimings or tear-gassings. Yet.


Update: Apparently there was a Buffalo stampede. No, really. There was a trampling at a Buffalo-area Target. None were seriously hurt.

All that said, all of the holiday shopping is not done within a single day. There are still 27 more left before Christmas. And if getting up at 3 a.m. to mass in front of a big box store's doors isn't your cup of tea, the new "Cyber Monday" tradition of online shopping is heading your way in 48 hours.


Until then, pile up a plate of leftover turkey, slather on some congealed, refrigerated gravy, nuke it for a couple minutes, and reflect on Kotaku's week in original reporting.

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After Black Friday and today's still being VERY busy at the store, I really could use some therapy.