What Deals Did You Get?

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Stores online and off had all kinds of sales on today for video games, consoles, accessories, even clothes. Did you score anything?


Let us know? What was your best deal of the week?



I didn't bother doing much pre-planning aside from browsing a few ads, but I think I did pretty well AND got a decent amount of sleep to boot. I got up at about 9am and headed down to Target, where I was able to grab the last PS3 controller in the store for $10 off the New Super Mario Bros. Wii with a $10 gift card. I threw in a DVD movie and some candy to get the total over $100 for another $10 gift card. I then went to another Target, where I applied the two $10 gift cards to a copy of GT5, and I happened to notice they still had the NFS Hot Pursuit available for $35 (not bad for a new release) so I grabbed the 360 version of that.

I thought I was done at that point, but while I was in the process of downloading the usual 300MB of required system updates I encounter every time I turn on my PS3 and trying to make sense of the GT5 UI (still working on that one), my parents actually called asking if I could find and buy a Kinect for them. Pretty much the only place that has the standalone ones right now is the newly opened Microsoft store in Bellevue, so I braved the swirling maelstroms of retail (shockingly enough, there was still a line to get into the MS store) and grabbed a Kinect and Kinect sports. While checking out there, I was informed that they were offering XBL Gold renewals for $20 off, so I grabbed one of those as well, and somehow ended up with $20 off the Kinect as well (not quite sure how.) Oh, and as a last-minute deal I just ordered an iPad camera connector kit off the Apple website while it was only ridiculously overpriced rather than hideously overpriced. I figure I'm going to want to have one before I go on a cruise in March.

At this point, I'm pretty sure it'll be a while before I need to buy any more games. I'm kinda' overloaded right now.