A Visual Guide To Racing Games

Whether you feel the need for speed or the need to make the car you're driving sounds as close to the real thing as possible, The Kotaku Genre Guide to Racing Games has you covered.

We've covered role-playing games, first-person shooters, and real-time strategy games in our ongoing genre guide series, so naturally the next step is racing. Well, naturally in a month that sees the release of both a new Need for Speed and a new Gran Turismo title at least. Seems like a good time for a visual history of racing games to me.


Take a tour around this giant homage to the racing genre. Marvel at it's focus primarily on automobile racing, which I decided to hone in one to keep from going completely insane. Enjoy the giant, 18-entry checkerboard time line. Imagine how much fun it was to put that together. Feel free to download it, print it out, and hang it on your fridge with the pizza coupons and the crayon drawings. Consider it a gift.
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Fahey, not to disagree with you, but Forza has always been a pure simulation. It does feature aids (as does the Gran Turismo series) to make the game more forgiving for beginners, but it's still a sim.

Forza 3 was the most realistic sim until GT5 (which is only so subtlety-more realistic that most people probably can't tell).