Total War: Arena will shut down on February 22, 2019, the developers announced today. Players can get free DLC or a copy of Total War: Medieval II Definitive Edition as “a thank you for playing.”

Total War: Rome II has responded to the recent influx of negative Steam reviews concerning female generals: “Female characters appear throughout the game, but have between a 10 and 15% chance of appearing as recruitable generals for some of the playable factions... We have no plans to patch this out

Total War: Rome is already out on iPad, but in early 2018 it’s coming to iPhone as well. It’ll cost $10. Hope you’ve got a long commute.

Total War : Warhammer II (aka Total Warhammer II) will arrive on PC September 28. Those who preorder the base game or the $150 Serpent God edition within the first week of availability get a free race pack for the original Total Warhammer.

One of the greatest PC strategy games of all time is now available on the iPad. Looks like a fairly straightforward port, too.