PSA: The New Total War Game Is Free Today On The Epic Game Store

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There are two types of Total War fans: those who remember to go to the Epic Game Store and secure their copy of A Total War Saga: Troy for free today, and those who forget and wind up all sad and stuff. Don’t be sad.


As we reported in June, A Total War Saga: Troy is having a very odd launch indeed. Not only is the Total War spinoff a 12-month Epic Game Store exclusive, for the first 24 hours of release the game is completely free. Anyone who wants the game can simply go to the store page and snap it up.

A Total War Saga: Troy focuses on the Trojan War, allowing players to experience one of the greatest battles of Greek myth. Build a horse. Play as iconic heroes on both sides of the conflict. Wear armored heel covers, that sort of thing. I don’t have to tell you, you can just grab it and see for yourself.

Or you could wait until tomorrow when the game costs $50. Up to you.

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Over 90 games in my Epic Store library and haven’t paid for a single one.

Kotaku should run a story on the economics of free games. It’s an interesting behind the scenes history between physical copies in the past and digital store fronts today.

I remember going to an E3 in the 90's (the one in Atlanta which had more swag than any game event I’ve ever seen) and being incensed at seeing a basket of CDs in a publisher’s booth with full versions of a game we had just released a few weeks prior. They told us later that they had produced thousands to drum up buzz about the game series and all of them were handed out. And of course, they didn’t count towards sales numbers.