Jul 24 2017

If anything, the PlayStation VR headset makes an excellent TV prop. In episode seven of the current season of Syfy’s comic book-based space drama, Dark Matter, Six (Roger Cross) finds himself trapped inside a simulation powered by what seems to be ancient PlayStation technology.

May 1 2014

After a "rocky start," the sci-fi MMORPG Defiance is marking its one-year anniversary by going free-to-play, developer and publisher Trion Worlds announced today. Coming alongside the premier of the second season of the related SyFy show, the change will go into effect on June 4th on the PC and July 15th on the PS3.

Apr 30 2013

SyFy TV tie-in Defiance is running an in-game contest that'll score the winner a guest spot on the show! Well, a guest shot as a picture of them rendered by the show's artists. All you have to do is play better than everyone else. TV and MMO cross-media experiments are hard.