Syfy's Face Off Does World Of Warcraft This Week

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On Wednesday’s episode of Face Off a group of special effect artists attempt to do something World of Warcraft cosplayers have been nailing for over a decade.

To be fair, cosplayers have plenty of time how to work out things like troll skin tones and hair styles, while the challengers on Syfy’s competitive effects makeup show are working under serious time constraints.

It probably doesn’t help that folks like Blizzard senior art director Chris Robinson are hovering nearby. It’s supposed to help, but I imagine it doesn’t really.

Also not helping is the inclusion of actor Rob Kazinsky as a guest judge. He not only plays Ogrim in the upcoming Warcraft film, he also played World of Warcraft obsessively for a year, considering it the best year of his life.

Also he’s totally dreamy.

The World of Warcraft episode of Face Off airs Wednesday at 9 Eastern on Syfy. Mind the trolls.

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Up until now all I could think of when I see Rob Kazinsky is that stupid character he played on True Blood. Not that it’s his fault, the show stunk long before he got on it. But now I have much respect for him as someone who disproves the stereotype of the loser slob MMO player.