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Okay, This Is A Rather Cool Way To Link Defiance Game and Show

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I've been skeptical about the extent that SyFy's Defiance television show would be interacting with Trion Worlds' Defiance MMO, but this is pretty cool. This is Tiio Horn as Rynn, a member of the Irathient race that found herself in hot water in the TV series over the past two episodes. She'll be spending a few weeks in the game to cool off.


In the show, Rynn had an issue with summoning Hellbugs, one of the world of Defiance's signature bad things. In this week's episode, Rynn was being transported to a prison following her bug problems, but certain events led to her earning her freedom. By the end of the episode she was riding off into the sunset, directly into the San Francisco of the PC, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 MMO.

In an in-game event called "Hellbug Season", players will meet up with Rynn, whose talent for insect-charming is being abused for devious purposes. Players will work with the fiery character to fix a bad situation and get her ready to head back to the show.

Illustration for article titled Okay, This Is A Rather Cool Way To Link emDefiance/em Game and Show

And now I am playing again. As generally unpleasant as I find the show, this event is an incredibly nifty way to get players of the game involved, and I really want to see how the story unfolds. Well-played, Trion Worlds and SyFy.

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Brandon Jackson

I'm on the fence about buying the game. I actually enjoy the show. I wouldn't call it great but I do enjoy it. The game looks interesting in that I often wish I could explore a show's world more and this lets us do that.

However, it does strike me as a game that is highly dependent on having a good group or couple friends to play with. I could imagine a little self-grinding or random meet-ups but it really seems like the type of game where you have at least one other friends to go tackle the missions. Even the show is built that way as most of the events in the show are two or more characters going at it.