What's Defiance's Next Big TV Show Tie-In? Zombies.

What, you think just because SyFy and Trion Worlds' cross-media project Defiance is set in the future it's immune from rotting, shambling, flesh-hungry beasts? The game plague reaches the show in two weeks, unless the players can stop it!

Well, that's probably not true. I'm sure the June 17 episode of Defiance has already been filmed and edited, and the next two weeks' worth of special in-game content in which the players attempt to find a cure before it reaches TV continuity is just fluff, but it's nice to think we're making a difference.


On June 17, the show's Doc Yewll will send a distress call to a colleague in the game's San Francisco area, so players had best work through the quest chain launching next week, or they'll feel prett stupid when the episode references things they didn't do.

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