MMO Tie-In Defiance Gets A Third Season

What I was certain would wind up a failed attempt at an ongoing television show/MMO transmedia project after season one, SyFy's Defiance is returning next year for season three. I guess I've got some catching up to do.

I wanted to like the first season of Defiance — I really did. I watched each and every episode, hoping something would click for me and suddenly I'd be enjoying not only the MMO but the show it was created to accompany. That never happened, so I gave up, figuring it would just sputter out during season two.


Free from the pressure of my intense scrutiny, the show went on to flourish. Rob Bricken of IO9 last month called it his most improved show of 2014.

Maybe it's time for me to pop my head inside the now free-to-play MMO and see how things are coming along? Right after I've caught up on season two of the show.

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