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Jun 8 2017

Hey Civ fans: here’s a talk given at this year’s GDC by none other than Sid Meier and Bruce Shelley, co-creators of the original 1991 game. It runs for over an hour. You should watch it.

Oct 14 2015

Sid Meier’s name is on the box, but Civilization was actually the brainchild of two designers. Bruce Shelley is the other, and here are both men giving a good talk on the history of the series.

Apr 4 2014

Are you in New York? Do you like Civilization V, and art? Stop by the Whitney museum to see Me Playing Civilization, a performance art piece that consists of... a guy playing Civilization V, seven hours a day, five days a week, until May 25th.

Aug 7 2013

Witness the legendary longbowmen of England, capable of firing intracontinental arrows in Civilization V through the English Channel, right into French territory.