10:30 AM

It's been a while since we've heard about The Evil Within's DLC plans, but the first of three add-ons arrives next month. The Assignment follows Detective Sebastian Castellanos's partner, Juli Kidman, and seems to involve using closets to hide from bad things. I'm game.

6:50 AM

In Japan, Shinji Mikami's upcoming game The Evil Within will be sold as a toned down version when it's released here on October 23. To get the full version, Game Impress Watch reports that Japanese gamers can download content called "Gore Mode DLC," which is being offered as pre-order bonus.

2:00 PM

Why is Vanquish a brilliant game? Glad you asked. Canabalt and Gravity Hook creator Adam Saltsman has your answer in the form of a lengthy exegesis on Shinji Mikami's polarizing shooter, making a strong case for the merits of the game's intricately balanced design. Annnnnd now I'm feeling the urge to replay Vanquish