Jun 5

The summer edition of the Steam Game Festival has been pushed back a week to June 16-22. As with previous installments, the event is meant to showcase demos for upcoming games. No reason was provided for the delay.

Nov 25 2015

Smite’s Ultimate God Pack,” which gives you every character currently in the game plus any future characters Hi-Rez adds to it, is going on sale tomorrow for $20. I highly recommend it if you have any interest in the game. Except for Dota 2 (which makes every hero free), this is easily the best deal in any MOBA.

Nov 24 2015

There’s a great sale going on in Heroes of the Storm right now that takes 50% off everything in the game—provided you spend real money on it. There’s also a new 360-day stimpack available, which could be a great thing to buy if you know you’re gonna be playing a lot of HOTS. The sale lasts until December 8th.