VR Game Sees Huge Increase In Sales As Players Confuse It For Apex Legends

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Apex Construct is a VR game that was released on Steam back in March 2018. Last week it sold more copies in China than it sold in all of 2018. Why the sudden increase? It seems a lot of folks are confusing Apex Construct for the popular battle royale shooter Apex Legends.

PC Gamer first reported the news after an Apex Construct developer posted on the Vive subreddit and shared the story of the massive and sudden increase in sales. The Apex Construct Steam page has seen 4000% more visitors since Apex Legends released.

Fast Travel Games communications manager Andreas Juliusson shared the bizarre news on Reddit. He also explained that the company expects many of these new copies to be refunded after players discover they don’t have Apex Legends. Interestingly, both games have similar logos, which might be adding even more confusion to the situation.

Apex Legends Logo (Left) Apex Construct Logo (Right)
Apex Legends Logo (Left) Apex Construct Logo (Right)
Graphic: EA/Respawn

While an increase in sales is nice, Juliusson also shared a negative side effect of the confusion: Players leaving a ton of negative reviews for Apex Construct simply because it isn’t Apex Legends. “Fortunately the Steam Community team is looking into this right now,” explained Juliusson. “Somewhere, there are massive misunderstandings going on.”


[VR Game Apex Construct sales spike after players mistake if for Apex Legends | PC Gamer]

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Man, fuck those review-bombing shitwizards. How are people mistaking a year-old $30 indie VR game for a two-week-old FREE-TO-PLAY AAA FPS? Nevermind the fact that anybody with any sense knows it’s not going to be on Steam.

I hope Steam expunges all those reviews as spam, because it’s bullshit that some indie dev should have to suffer for people being complete fucking idiots.

And fuck EA et al. for Apex Legends’ stupidly generic name in the first place. Sure, if you had put Titanfall in the title, some people may have been upset that the game didn’t have Titans or anything...but they’d be DUMB PEOPLE.

They totally could have gotten away with titling it in a manner that established it as a spin-off of Titanfall. I don’t see people pitching fits because you don’t play as a Spartan in Halo 3: ODST.