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If you have ever wanted to play the best video game of all time for only two dollars, this is your lucky week, because Suikoden II is on sale as part of an excellent set of PlayStation discounts that also includes Final Fantasy XV for $36 and Persona 4 Golden for $9 (all with PlayStation Plus).


Other highlights of the sale, which you can see in full here, include the excellent Dragon Quest Builders for $36, the sluggish but stellar Steins;Gate for $3 (!), and Tales of Berseria for $39. Nier: Automata is going for $42, too (which I’ll be buying). The sale ends when Japan’s Golden Week does, on May 9.

On a related note, it is absurd that the PlayStation 4 has been out for nearly four years and still won’t play PS1 and (most) PS2 Classics. Suikoden III is discounted for just $2.50, but it’s only on PS3, so what’s even the point? Come on, Sony.

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