What Did Black Friday Make You Buy? 2017 Edition

Black Friday and its numerous extensions (Cyber Monday, Just Buy Our Damn Stuff Thursday) are a magical time in retail, when the veil between wallet and willpower is at its thinnest. Which games, gadgets and gear made it past your defenses this year? I’ll start.

First up we have the special Poké Ball version of the New Nintendo 2DS XL. Savvy consumers will note that this is not a special Black Friday item; it was released on November 3. But I did purchase it after staring at Nintendo’s actual special Black Friday hardware release, a green and gold version of the original 2DS pre-loaded with The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. After about a half-hour of hemming, hawing and making Target employees nervous, I decided to pass on the cheese wedge-shaped cheap 2DS and go for the luxury model.


This is my first time holding a 2DS XL, much less playing one. So far, I am pleased with my purchase. The speakers aren’t great, but it’s nice and light, and I will never have to unscrew a panel to get to my SD card again.

Plus, it has a button up top that does absolutely nothing.


The button is the best.

Fourth Black Friday TV in a row. I have a problem.

Other than that and a $500 55-inch LG 4K HDR television for the living room, I came out of the weekend relatively unscathed.

How you folks fare? Did you brave stores or stay inside? Were there deals you couldn’t resist, or was this year relatively tame?

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