Mar 4 2017

The Street Fighter V Red Bull Proving Grounds are back for 2017. The amateur league will feature regional teams from cities like Houston, Seattle, Los Angeles, Chicago and Atlanta, where local talent can make their mark on the scene and earn a shot at the Proving Grounds title.

Jul 7 2015

Red Bull’s eSports division is producing a documentary web series on pro Dota 2 player Jimmy ‘DeMoN’ Ho’s journey to last year’s lucrative International tournament. Like many of Red Bull’s forays into eSports journalism, it’s surprisingly good! You can watch the first episode on their YouTube channel.

Aug 28 2013

The next Angry Birds game is a kart racer. Huh. That'll quiet the folks who complain Rovio only releases the same sort of game over and over again, I guess. And they've hooked up with Red Bull, which explains all the Go-ing.