Retro Gaming Parkour On A Moving Train

We all wanna parkour like Super Mario or Ryu Hayabusa, but only a few people ever get to actually do it — like freerunner Jason Paul.

The people at Red Bull made a giant retro gaming free running course and had Jason Paul run through the whole damn thing. The logistics of how they pulled it off are impressive. I can't imagine how long it took them to set this up (Update: Although it should be noted, the snap zooms are super suspect and probably transitions between set changes.)


Jason Paul Arcade Run - Freerunning in 8bit via Red Bull

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There's something oddly fake about it. The odd digital zooming (which is sometimes used to mask/blend into a cut or different take) maybe. And sometimes it looked like the background (which seemed so strangely still and flat) was a green screen.

Edit: Ok, upon further inspection (1080p in the bigger window on YouTube itself) there's a LOT of fake going on. There's strange haze around the foreground objects and the people, as if there's a shadow on a green screen where the background has been dropped in. And there's a weird disjointedness happening with the background whenever the camera moves quickly left and right.