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Oct 6

A 12-year-old child has died from a heart attack after playing PUBG Mobile for hours without a break, reports the Egypt Independent. Prosecutors are currently investigating the death. Community leaders are being called upon to warn about the game, while parents are recommended to monitor their children’s app use. 

Sep 2

India has banned the immensely popular PUBG Mobile game along with 118 other China-based mobile apps according to a press release from the Indian Ministry of Electronics & Information Technology. This is the latest round of Chinese app bans from the Indian government after TikTok and WeChat were banned in June.

Nov 13 2018

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is coming to PlayStation December 7. The game will include all three of the currently-available maps.

Oct 11 2018

In South Korea, PUBG has announced it’s issuing machine bans for players caught using hacks and cheats. Meaning? Players would have to create a new account on another PC. According to the announcement (via tipster Sang), it will apparently also apply to Korean Kakao service and the global Steam release.