12:55 PM

It’s not too late to claim any Season of Undying rewards you may have missed in Destiny 2. Although Season of Dawn went live yesterday, and the new season pass along with it, you can still access your old season pass over on Bungie’s website to collect anything you might have missed.

10:50 AM

PSA: Switch Online doesn’t create backup saves for games automatically. You have to manually initiate the process by either loading the game or going into its settings by hovering over top of its icon and clicking “+”. Only afterward doing that will the backup saves stay updated automatically.

1:20 PM

Twitch Prime’s free games for June include Strafe, The Banner Saga 1 and 2, Tumblestone, and Treadnauts. If you haven’t heard, an Amazon Prime subscription automatically gets you a Twitch Prime subscription, which now gives you a handful of great indie games to download and keep each month.

1:15 PM

No podcast episode today, sorry! Due to unexpected travel complications, Jason and I won’t be able to record our final E3 bonus episode of Kotaku Splitscreen. Thanks for listening along this week; we’ll be back next week with regular episodes.

2:16 PM

Greg Ellis (Jonny Rees), voice actor for Dragon Age’s Cullen and many others, went missing from his North Hollywood home on May 11. Information surrounding his disappearance and contact info for the LAPD missing persons unit can be found at the Bioware forums. Update 5/15 4 AM: Ellis’ friend Jeff Rosenthal reports the

11:16 AM

Lottie from Animal Crossing joins the Amiibo army today. She’s a Target exclusive in the States (Best Buy in Canada). I know this because I am a well-informed member of the gaming press, and not because I was at Target when they opened this morning, dammit.