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Nov 25

It’s much easier to make a pixel art mock-up than a full video game, but that doesn’t stop them from being beautiful gestures toward  what might be. These illustrations of a side-scrolling Mega Man Legends game by artist Phil Giarrusso are a perfect example.

Aug 20 2019

Star Renegades’ art style looks even hotter in this new trailer. The role-playing roguelike always had lush pixel graphics, but the developers over at Massive Damage have added a bunch of depth that almost gives the game a Mode 7 look. The game is due out on PC and console next spring.

Feb 17 2018

I Am The Hero is a pixel-art beat ‘em up coming to PS4 and Switch sometime in 2018. Previously on PC, the game has a Dragon Ball Z-ish combat style that helps distinguish it from all the other retro pixel-art games bathed in nostalgia currently out there.

Dec 3 2017

Wizard of Legend is a pixel animated brawler coming in early 2018. Created by Contingent99, a small studio consisting of two high school friends, the game looks like the Hyper Light Drifter combat that’s become so popular distilled down into a co-op dungeon crawler for PS4 and PC.

Aug 19 2017

Children of Morta is coming next year and has a new trailer. Revealed back in 2015, the lush pixel art roguelike is a procedural game focusing on single family. Think FTL meets Bloodlines. We might be awash in these types of indie games at the moment, but I just can’t resist some damn good pixel animations.

Aug 10 2016

Falco and Fox trump Mario in this beautifully-choreographed Smash Bros./Super Mario Bros. crossover, “Super Fox Bros.” Pixel art animator Rebaz Talei crafted a “runthrough” of a Mario World level with a Falco-Fox duo. “Come on!”

Aug 11 2015

Those are some wicked lighting effects. The GIF comes from the devlog for MegaSphere, an action-RPG-roguelite-platformer currently being developed for PC, and is one in a series of GIFs demonstrating a newly introduced weapon, Storm. Lots more info here.