Wizard of Legend is a pixel animated brawler coming in early 2018. Created by Contingent99, a small studio consisting of two high school friends, the game looks like the Hyper Light Drifter combat that’s become so popular distilled down into a co-op dungeon crawler for PS4 and PC.


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I think—at least for my generation—part of what drives the popularity of games like these is that the feel like what we remember games like Gauntlet being at the arcades.

Naturally, if you were to play the cabinet Gauntlet now, you’d think it was a clunky, poorly-designed, quarter consuming mess, because it was—but for the time, it was the bleeding edge of gaming.

...games like Hyperlight Drifter hearken back to those days by reproducing the look of the age, if not the actual gameplay; they get close enough to what it felt like to feel genuine, if that makes sense.