Aug 30 2016

An upcoming Nintendo Direct focused on 3DS games will take place this Thursday, September 1st at 10AM Eastern Time. Nintendo’s press release notes that “NX will not be discussed or revealed in this broadcast.”

Feb 18 2014

Three Pokémon: Latias, Latios and Kyogre, as modern aircrafts? That makes the Kalos Region Air Force a truly legendary one. DeviantART artist Dekus' piece is odd, but it's totally awesome. And something like this would be a great mod in any flight sim out there.

Jan 17 2014

There can never be enough Chrono Trigger fan-art, and it's always refreshing to see something new out there. Here's three fantastic paintings, with three memorable moments recreated from the classic JRPG, made by artist Orioto. You can also buy these as prints here.