9:30 AM

Mario Kart Tour is finally getting real-time multiplayer races on March 8. Following an update that will go live at 11:00 a.m., players will be able to race against one based around a rule set that will change daily. There’s also the choice to just race against friends 

10:35 AM

Mobile Dragon Quest game Dragon Quest For The Stars is finally out in North America today after releasing first in Japan back in 2015. The free-to-play spin-off revolves around turn-based battles against slimes and the like just like the main series but with the addition of stamina meters and microtransactions.

1:55 PM

The Witcher card game Gwent is finally coming to Android on March 24. There’s shared accounts between the PC and mobile version of the game so I’m looking forward to many more Witcher-themed distractions in the future. Gwent previously came to iOS last fall.

9:25 AM

Japan is getting a new Monster Hunter game for phones next winter. It’s called Monster Hunter: Riders, and there’s not much to glean from the trailer, but the graphics look good and cooking elaborate meals is also present. It’s free-to-play, though, so hopefully it’s not mired in gacha-style microtransactions.

6:30 AM

Kotaku previously reported that Bang Dream fans were upset after a character in the mobile game suddenly revealed she had a younger brother. The character had appeared in Bang Dream for years without mentioning this. Responding to criticism, developer Bushiroad has updated the app and removed any mention of the