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Apr 2

A bunch of Java-based phone games from the early 2000s are finally headed to the Switch, at least in Japan. Japanese mobile game company G-Mode announced G-Mode Archives earlier today which will be porting a handful of games over the next few months including the awesome looking JRPG Flyhight Cloudia.

Mar 3

Mario Kart Tour is finally getting real-time multiplayer races on March 8. Following an update that will go live at 11:00 a.m., players will be able to race against one based around a rule set that will change daily. There’s also the choice to just race against friends 

Feb 25

Mobile Dragon Quest game Dragon Quest For The Stars is finally out in North America today after releasing first in Japan back in 2015. The free-to-play spin-off revolves around turn-based battles against slimes and the like just like the main series but with the addition of stamina meters and microtransactions.