Fall Guys Is Coming To Phones (In China At Least)

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Fall Guys, which has only just launched on PC and PS4, is also coming to mobile phones at some point in the future. Chinese publisher Bilibili announced they’ve secured the rights to the game’s release in the region.

The news was first announced to Western observers by analyst Daniel Ahmad:


This comes despite game’s developers, Mediatonic, releasing a statement/warning last week about scams related to mobile versions of the game:

While this news obviously only immediately relates to China, it sure would be weird for a mobile version to be developed and only released in one market. Especially when Fall Guys, with its breezy format and simple controls (and even new games taking advantage of a phone’s capabilities, like gyroscopes), would be perfect for phones everywhere.

In the meantime, Bilibili’s page for the game is here.



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There’s also Nintendo Switch SDK files on Steam version of Fall Guys as well. It’s possibly just a mistake they are included, but even if a mistake, it would be an odd mistake if they were not at least experimenting with getting it on Switch.