6:00 AM

Riot has revealed the new logo for League of Legends (pictured). The game will celebrate its 10th anniversary on October 15 and, according to Riot, sees about 8 million concurrent players every day. That’s a lot!

9:20 PM

Riot says it has reached a settlement with two women who filed a gender discrimination lawsuit late last year. At the time, the women, one current and one former employee, accused Riot of gender-based discrimination and a “men-first” environment that impacted their pay and career advancement. Today, however, Riot

7:00 AM

Sleep is important! In a recent interview, League of Legends pro Faker talks about how much sleep he usually gets (7.5 hours) and how as he gets older, he places more importance on snoozing. Be sure to get enough sleep!

11:11 AM

It looks like League of Legends is getting in on the hype around the DOTA 2 mod Dota Auto Chess. Today, publisher Riot Games announced their upcoming turn-based autobattler Teamfight Tactics, a mode for League of Legends coming out later this month