6/18/20 8:45AM

EA says it will ratchet up efforts to crack down on harassment and toxic behavior in its game. This includes making “additional resources and tools” available to its moderation and reporting systems. The publisher says in the past few weeks over 3,500 player-made, in-game assets were removed for being inappropriate

4/29/20 12:15PM

Speaking to Kotaku, Riot has reaffirmed its commitment to snuffing out Valorant harassment issues asap, but stopped short of detailing future plans. “We know this is a hard problem to tackle, and will take time, but I’d feel irresponsible accepting this as the status quo,” executive producer Anna Donlon said in an

8/30/19 12:43PM

YouTuber Jared “ProJared” Knabenbauer has posted a video denying allegations from three months ago that he supposedly had exchanged nude photos with two underage fans. Knabenbauer acknowledged that he did exchange nude photos with other fans, clarified that this was “consensual,” although there was a “power imbalance”