Potential spoilers ahead, so read with caution:

I appreciate your passion for the experience that Black Ops delivered,

This makes me imagine that if I were to quit smoking, Phillip-Morris might send me a free carton of Reds with a

You can make the argument that people are playing the game wrong, but if a user has to keep guessing on how to play it

The PC gaming week made me think about something... it's the whole "PC gaming is dead" debate.

People basicly throw

Here's me stabbing Crecente in the ass. It was a blast, met a lot of people to play Reach with. Favourite parts of the

I am a Sgt in the US Army and i find this absolutely ridiculous. Playing video games is a great solace after a long day

99%,of people's reaction to this story:

"Man, that's horrible. Oh shit- the iPhone 4 is out?! I gotta get me one of

This has been bothering me for some time:

The word "pwn" is not pronounced "pone" or "pawn" or anything using the

I know of someone that does prison tatooos by melting ballpoint pens onto skin. He's actually really good at it, it's a

This article does a great job of explaining the impact of net neutrality on gaming. I'd like to add a few comments.

I work with Gravity Bear and I can tell you that, for us, Achievements are important and we wouldn't give them away

As you guys might know, an 8.8 degree earthquake hit my country (Chile) on Saturday at 3:35 a.m. At that time I was

I actually reviewed the original for a publication a while ago and slammed it. It wasn't just my opinion, in a sense,

Ron (can I call you Ron? You can call me Dan. Nice to meet you!) as a gamer and a parent myself, I have to agree with

2000: Recently transplanted from the Forth Worth Star-Telegram. I mange to juggle my full-time job as a police reporter