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Jan 19 2011

Potential spoilers ahead, so read with caution:

I appreciate your passion for the experience that Black Ops delivered, but I ultimately must disagree with your defense of it.

Firstly, I do think that the Game of the Year requires some degree of innovation. Graphics are not a requirement, but I would say that Read more

Nov 29 2010

Should You Buy An Intellivision?

The Intellivision was the second major console to enjoy strong sales success (after the Atari 2600). Consider this my informal advice on whether you should buy an Intellivision or not and, if you do, which games you should get.

Should I Buy An Intellivision Now?

If you don't already Read more

Nov 11 2010

This makes me imagine that if I were to quit smoking, Phillip-Morris might send me a free carton of Reds with a lovingly crafted note saying, "we've got a new flavor coming out this winter, and we would love it if you would just take our free gift and just make sure whether you want to leave us or not." Similar Read more

Nov 10 2010

You can make the argument that people are playing the game wrong, but if a user has to keep guessing on how to play it or why something isn't working, then the design of the gameplay is flawed.

No game developer should ever have to offer to fly a person in to show them how to play the game properly. If the game can't Read more

Nov 6 2010

I normally don't find much to disagree with when it comes to Mr. Crecente's reviews, but my impressions with Sonic Free Riders have been very positive.

The tutorial never really spells out that you aren't supposed to crouch unless you're jumping or leaning forward to speed up, but once I figured that out, everything Read more

Oct 31 2010

The PC gaming week made me think about something... it's the whole "PC gaming is dead" debate.

People basicly throw this claim into a discussion but hardly have any evidence to back up their claim besides "there are no games for PC", "there is no money in PC gaming because of piracy" or some old NPD sales report. So Read more

Oct 3 2010

@Limality about our new reviews: We're still getting used to the water. ;)

I'll be writing something up next week about the system, why we changed to it and what it means.

But a couple of quick things, Warofart was dead on when he said we weren't fans of people just counting the red and blue to determine if the game Read more

Sep 15 2010

Here's me stabbing Crecente in the ass. It was a blast, met a lot of people to play Reach with. Favourite parts of the night would either be the whole blue team playing our improvised game type "Hunt Down the Kotaku Writers" in Team SWAT, or driving around in a Warthog with Crecente while trying to dodge some tank Read more

Sep 7 2010

I am a Sgt in the US Army and i find this absolutely ridiculous. Playing video games is a great solace after a long day in the field or even after a convoy. I have personally seen combat and have no problem with combat related games. If i where still in Iraq and AAFES was my only source for video games I can tell you Read more

Jun 30 2010

99%,of people's reaction to this story:

"Man, that's horrible. Oh shit- the iPhone 4 is out?! I gotta get me one of those!"

May 27 2010

This has been bothering me for some time:

The word "pwn" is not pronounced "pone" or "pawn" or anything using the sound of the "p". It's "own". The generally accepted etymology of the word is that it was a typo, the "p" and "o" keys are right next to each other on the keyboard making this theory very plausible. It's Read more

May 24 2010

I know of someone that does prison tatooos by melting ballpoint pens onto skin. He's actually really good at it, it's a shame he puts dicks in everything he does.

Apr 8 2010

This article does a great job of explaining the impact of net neutrality on gaming. I'd like to add a few comments. First, it's important to note that the court decision is only about the F.C.C.'s current powers and does not reflect a position about net neutrality itself. Basically, the court is saying that if the Read more

Mar 16 2010

I work with Gravity Bear and I can tell you that, for us, Achievements are important and we wouldn't give them away like candy. :) I understand you're asking a larger question and it's not specifically about Battle Punks or Gravity Bear. But I just wanted to comment to make sure it's clear that it doesn't apply to our Read more

Mar 1 2010

As you guys might know, an 8.8 degree earthquake hit my country (Chile) on Saturday at 3:35 a.m. At that time I was with my GF, we had just finished watching some TBBT episodes and we went to bed at 3:25 approx. We were talking and laughing an then the eartquake struck the house, lights went off, I live in an 8th Read more

Feb 22 2010

I actually reviewed the original for a publication a while ago and slammed it. It wasn't just my opinion, in a sense, as I was worried I was being harsh so I got some friends and family to play it and they didn't like it either. A few months later, I was hit with a pretty serious case of depression and anxiety attacks Read more

Feb 9 2010

Ron (can I call you Ron? You can call me Dan. Nice to meet you!) as a gamer and a parent myself, I have to agree with you that violence in video games is glorified, but it also glorified in movies, comic books, and animation. Then again, sex is also glorified in these businesses. It is a business though, and glorified Read more

Jan 17 2010

2000: Recently transplanted from the Forth Worth Star-Telegram. I mange to juggle my full-time job as a police reporter with the Palm Beach Post and writing occasional pieces for the feature's section of the paper about the real value of virtual real estate, and internet addiction. After much though, I decide to put Read more