This has been bothering me for some time:

The word "pwn" is not pronounced "pone" or "pawn" or anything using the sound of the "p". It's "own". The generally accepted etymology of the word is that it was a typo, the "p" and "o" keys are right next to each other on the keyboard making this theory very plausible. It's just a spelling mistake, not a pronunciation mistake. There is no "o" after the "p" so why would you say it like that anyways? I think you still get your point across if you tell your friend who just got hit by a car while on his bike that he just got owned.

Also, people mispronouncing Mario, where it sounds like Mayrio, is another peeve. Even Mario says his name is Mario, and he should know. I know some people named Mario may say their name is Mayrio, but Mario specifically says "It's a me, Mario" (well Mario kinda sounds like Madio when he says it, but still).



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