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I actually reviewed the original for a publication a while ago and slammed it. It wasn't just my opinion, in a sense, as I was worried I was being harsh so I got some friends and family to play it and they didn't like it either. A few months later, I was hit with a pretty serious case of depression and anxiety attacks that forced me to basically take some time out from everything to get better. Not actually being able to stand conventional video games, and seeing as I still had my review copy lying around, I decided to give Endless Ocean another try. Suddenly, it just clicked. Maybe it was the state of mind I was in, but I just appreciated the relaxing nature of the game. The lack of pressure combined with the soothing voice of Hayley Westenra just clicked with me. It was a great way to remove that stress I was feeling at the time. I'm all better now, but with a renewed perspective on life I really look forward to this game. The only concern I have now is the music. Perhaps a bit of expansion on this? Otherwise, thanks for the review, Stephen. :)


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