I work with Gravity Bear and I can tell you that, for us, Achievements are important and we wouldn't give them away like candy. :) I understand you're asking a larger question and it's not specifically about Battle Punks or Gravity Bear. But I just wanted to comment to make sure it's clear that it doesn't apply to our game in particular. Our team has been making games for a long time (Diablo 2 and many others). What was shown in this demo was strictly that... a demo. We ported a tiny subset of our full game to the Windows Phone 7 in order to show that the device could run a 3D game, connected to XBox Live and Facebook. When thinking about the demo, you have to figure that Microsoft has maybe a minute or two to show each game in a press interview, and we all wanted to show off the fact that you could earn some Achievements. So, we made the demo such that a couple Achievements could get unlocked easily and quickly, in order to illustrate the point in a brief press interview. The fact that games on Windows Phone 7 are fully connected to Xbox Live and can unlock Achievements is pretty awesome, I think, and it's also a pretty huge advantage for Microsoft vs other mobile phones. Unlocking Achievements as easily as we showed in the demo, however, is not indicative of what a full release will be like, at least for us. Hope this reply is helpful! Anyway, if you want to check out Battle Punks and get a sense for what kind of game it is, feel free to check it out on Facebook now: [apps.facebook.com] Fair warning: it's a very casual, social game and the gameplay is 100% asynchronous, so it's not going to be your cup of tea if you're only looking for hardcore play. But hopefully you can appreciate the fact that while most Facebook games are extremely simple and fairly junky, we're trying to kick up the quality a bit. What you see in live beta today is just the beginning for what we plan to do with Battle Punks in the future, and we're developing the game live with player feedback, which is pretty fun compared to the old way of making games!

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