As you guys might know, an 8.8 degree earthquake hit my country (Chile) on Saturday at 3:35 a.m. At that time I was with my GF, we had just finished watching some TBBT episodes and we went to bed at 3:25 approx. We were talking and laughing an then the eartquake struck the house, lights went off, I live in an 8th floor of a 14 story building and the oscillating movement was out of this world. I grabbed my gf and we went under the frame of the door waiting for the quake to stop, in the meantime the background sounds were like a thunderstorm, I could hear all my stuff falling into the floor and on the outside lights all over the sky, caused by electric failures. When it stopped, I took my girlfriend and we went outside, I knocked the door of one of my neighbors to see if she was ok but no one answered, suddendly I felt it was raining! The pool on the last floor collapsed and the water was falling through some of the apartments and the walls of the building. I had internet on my phone for about 5 minutes and it was slow as hell, not enough time to check the news or put a message online to tell everyone I was ok. No phones, no lights, nothing... It was a complete mess. In the morning when the light came the devastation was not as much as one could imagine, some of my things were on the floor but it was nothing terrible, I just lost a cup that smashed into the floor. At the moment I only have electricity, water and cellphone signal. The earth still moves from time to time (6.2 degrees today in the morning) and the cities are slowly recovering. But the destruction path was big, a tsunami hit some cities and the origin of the earthquake was in the Bio-Bio region (500 kms to the south of Santiago, where I live) where the richter scale pointed 9 and where I have some relatives I still haven't heard a single word of. But this proved something, our structural resilience as a country is amazing considering the energy liberated in the Haiti earthquake was 500 times weaker (seems like the richter scale is a logarithmic function) and the body count is going (sadly) on the 300+ and there aren't major structural damages. It was a terrible thing to live.


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