10:46 AM

Telltale’s announced their three-part Walking Dead mini-series will premiere on February 23 on every platform but mobile, where it hits on February 25. The whole series will cost you $15. The other Michonne-focused episodes will come out in March and April. Is Telltale getting on a normal release schedule?!

2:22 PM

Square Enix has announced the new Hitman game is now episodic, meaning you don’t have to pay $60 upfront—you can pay in chunks. Previously, the game was going to cost $60, but there’d be new content released every so often. The first episode hits March 11.

11:00 AM

Telltale’s next Game of Thrones episode, A Nest of Vipers, arrives next week. It’s the same schedule as before: Tuesday on PC, Mac, PS3, and PS4. On Wednesday, it hits Xbox 360 and Xbox One. Then, on Thursday, those with iOS devices can join in.