Strong Bad's CGFAP Episode 5 - The Trailer

At this point, Strong Bad and his Cool Game For Attractive People will have split the room already. You either 'get' the gruff-voiced lucha libre fella and his antics or you don't.


For those in the former camp, this trailer will tantalise and intrigue with its subtitle "8-Bit Is Enough" and chiptunish musical sting promising 8-bit era parodies and retro goodness.

For everyone else.. well, there can't be that many of these left. Go play something else.


Strong Bad and Homestar comedy is usually better for people who understand the perspective. A lot of the humor is done from the eyes of someone who grew up in the 80s. Though there are also a lot of jokes that make me wonder if they just put together jokes as it comes to them, without much thought...