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Street Fighter IV PC Dated For Japan

Illustration for article titled Street Fighter IV PC Dated For Japan

In April, Capcom announced that the release date announcement for the PC version of Street Fighter IV was coming May 1. Check your calenders, it's May 1.


The fighting game has already been released in arcades and on home consoles. The PC version will be released on July 2 in Japan. It will be released first in The Land of the Rising Sun, with its worldwide release following. The Western release date is still unannounced.


The PC version is different from the already released versions, featuring three new filters that can be applied to the game's graphics: Watercolor, Brushstroke and Poster. Because the filters were created with the magic of shaders, Capcom says they won't be coming to the console versions, not even as DLC.

Be sure to read our preview of the game's PC version.


「PC版、発売日発表!」 塩沢夏希 [Capcom Thanks, Charlie!]

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Paradox me

What is the state of PC gaming in Japan anyway? We always hear what Western devs think, sometimes things you didn't want to hear, like absolutely ridiculous reasons for not porting your game to the platform (yeah, I'm looking at you Mr. Blezinski)

It seems the major Japanese devs that the Western world knows well only recently started bringing their major releases to the PC, so what was the Japanese PC market like up until now?

I mean, almost all the early benchmarks on hardware I see are always coming from Japanese sources.

I'd love to see an article on it from Kotaku sometime, unless it's not much different than other markets - if so, excuse my ignorance.