Release Date Announcement For Street Fighter IV PC Version Coming May 1

Street Fighter IV has already been released in arcades and for the Xbox 360 and for the PS3. All that's left is that promised PC release. Well, all that's left of what we know about.

Last fall, we reported that the computer version of SFIV would fall after the console version were released with Capcom stating PC version is in the works, but will come post-console release".


Capcom then added earlier this spring that a summer release was the target — and the game would possibly be bundle with fighting sticks.

The official Japanese Street Fighter IV blog has announced that the PC version's release date will be announced on May 1. (An announcement of an announcement! Something the official SFIV blog admits is overly complex.)


Speculation aside, we should know more about what extras the PC version could be getting.

「タイトルアップデート発表!!」 プロジェクトマネージャー:塩沢夏希 [STREET FIGHTER IV via 4Gamer]

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