It is unusual for the best compliment for a video game to be that the PC version is identical to its console predecessors. But that's the case with Street Fighter IV with one... well, three exceptions.

Playing Street Fighter IV last week using a Street Fighter Fight Pad plugged into a laptop made it easy to forget I wasn't playing the game on a console. Despite the potential, not even the online play has been tweaked, according to Capcom. In fact, there was only one noticeable difference between the console versions and the PC one.

The PC game uses shaders to add three new filters that can be applied to the game's graphics: Watercolor, Brushstroke and Poster.

If you check out our gallery you can see the difference between the basic filter and the three new ones.

Watercolor seems to diffuse the color a bit, adding a slight haze to everything.

Poster makes the colors a bit more vibrant and darkens the outlines of the art.

Brushstroke appears to be the most extreme, adding heavy outlines to the characters and almost saturating some of the colors.


Because the filters were created with the magic of shaders, Capcom says they won't be coming to the console versions, not even as DLC.