Street Fighter IV Preview: PC Fighting

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Street Fighter is a game meant for arcades, but it's proven itself on the console. So what about the PC?

What Is It?
Street Fighter IV built for Games For Windows — Live

What We saw
I played multiple matches against other writers, staying until I was beaten and then stalking off to sulk.


How Far Along Is It?
Appears to be completed.

What Needs Improvement?
Online: While I'm told the online portion of Street Fighter IV will include all of the features found in the console versions, it won't include anything new. The thing is, this is running on a PC, so why not include a bit more, like some way for gamers to hangout and watch matches online while waiting to fight? Capcom says they are looking into it.

What Should Stay The Same?
Controls: The controls feel identical to the console version. Playing with a Street Fighter fight pad made it impossible for me to tell the difference between the console and PC versions.

Filters: It's a little thing, but the three new filters you can slap onto the game, thanks to shaders, give the game a neat new look without making it play or feel like a different game.


Graphics: The game looks great, still, and moves fluidly with no lag at all while playing matches locally.


Final Thoughts
I already struggle with the notion of playing a Street Figher game on a console and enjoying it, now a PC? It's almost too much for a hardcore arcade fan to stand. But the thing is, there is no reason now not to play on your PC, the game isn't just identical, it's a bit better thanks to those sexy filters.

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It better be on Steam, Games for Windows Live is the most fucked up things I've ever delt with. Viva Pinata for the PC was such a cluster fuck, and it didn't get a patch until more than half a year after it's release.