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To: Luke
From: Owen
Re: The Weekends are Made For


The dirty secret here is we're all mindful of our traffic. Why not? The running total is right there beside every story, and I refer to it when I write this note to tell you what the big stories were the past two days.

Assigning a number to a big story is not fundamentally a bad thing. In 18 months here, I've found that figure gives me a closer understanding of my readership's preferences, interests and demands than I ever had as a newspaper reporter, when the circulation was a rule-of-thumb guess that rarely moved, and was most likely inflated.

And yet some days, I'm not sure the pageview count creates the kind of relationship that's good for either side.

This weekend's report included a major reveal about a game releasing Tuesday; a peek inside a dead studio working on a sequel to one of the most famous franchises ever, and a neat story about a teenager raising $3,000 to fly a major studio chief to Australia to look at his mod - not to mention a sports column that took a couple hours to report and write.

And the single-biggest traffic winner? Implied tits on a headline roundup. Sure, the image choice was mine, and was deliberate. But I don't know whether the hits make me smug or disappointed.


The news value of weekend posts is always a hot topic on my shift; I'll remember this the next time the subject comes up in discussion. It often does.


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Thank you, thank you everyone for making my Monday morning complete. Its good to read such banter in Kotaku :)

To Mr. Good. Sure, sex guarantees alot of hits but what of it. After the jump if there is nothing to hold on to the readers attention, what then?

I browse the articles here but its the comments that I read more. The discussions give more substance to me than the articles themselves. (Of course there are exceptions, that wall of text posted a few days ago come to mind but I tend to read that midday when my mind is more alert)

I have thoughts I can not put to words and I fear I am rambling.

(need more coffee)

So to end. Is page hits really that important? if not then worry less about it.

And to Ms. Rachel Fogg, how about uploading an avatar? You can follow Bialia's example and use oh I dont know... the Hoff posing naked with puppies ^_^

*gets more coffee*

Time to get back to work.