All 22,802 Words in Scribblenauts

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Attributed only to "some hackerish type" who took apart the ROM, Scribblenauts' full dictionary has - inevitably - made it to the Internet. In terms of scope, this is the biggest spoiler alert we can offer.


For those who want to discover everything that's in this amazing game for the DS, on their own, avert thine eyes. For others who aren't buying it, or don't mind otherwise, this list provides hours of reading fun. I'd suggest printing it out and keeping it in the bathroom, it's a great timekiller for taking a dump.

Here are a few I found intriguing.

Air Raid Shelter
Claret Jug (as in the trophy from The British Open?)
Steak Fries
Velvet Rope

The Reddit thread that discovered this also has some amazing combinations from their commenters.

The Truth Machine !DumP.BODYY's FULL DICTIONARY FUCK YEAH [Text File, via CrunchGear and Joystiq]


I downloaded this one when it was leaked and I'm so glad I was able to cancel my preorder in time. This was the biggest disappointment since Spore. Yeah, the dictionary stuff works, and you can summon virtually anything, but none of that matters when things don't interact properly and puzzles can be solved without summoning a single object (for bonus points). For instance, a fight between two characters is nothing more than the two of them jiggling back and forth. I've tried forcing it upon myself and I've played for several hours already, but I just don't find myself having any fun (I keep playing cause I'm at work with nothing to do, you see). It promises all this stuff about using your imagination, but every time you do that things will never interact as expected and you just end up wasting an object and eventually using the obvious strategy implemented for 3-year-olds regardless. As an example; there's one level where you have to wake a kid up. Obviously, "alarm" and "stereo" work, but Keyboard Cat is a much more entertaining answer that should also produce enough sound to get the job done. Should work, amirite? Nope. Stereo it is. Repeat over and over.

But hey, since nobody is gonna listen to me, here's another spoiler; type "teleporter" on the main menu screen. It will teleport you to the developers office.