I also appreciate how the devs didn’t update RE4’s visuals into something significantly different or more modern. Sure, textures are a bit cleaner, some seem to have been replaced or redrawn, and some models have been improved to help them stand up better to VR scrutiny. But the vast majority of the game retains the original vibe and look of RE4. After spending years playing this game on a flat 2D TV, getting to explore the village or the lake in VR is breathtaking. It really does add something special to the experience, and I spent more time than I’d like to admit just looking at all these places from a brand new perspective.


Between the improved combat and inventory controls, the added immersion that comes from having to grab stuff to pick it up, and the enhanced (but not altered) visuals, this has quickly become my favorite way to play Resident Evil 4.

I hope this version of the game, like the original, gets ported to PC via Steam, or to more VR systems like the upcoming PSVR2. I know so many folks who don’t want to deal with Facebook and Oculus, or just don’t want to buy a new VR headset to experience some games. So I hope Resident Evil 4 VR gets ported around in the near future, because it’s one of the best VR games I’ve played, and a stunning example of how to properly and thoughtfully convert old 2D games into powerful VR experiences.