Resident Evil 4 Now Has Dual-Wielding In VR

Welcome back, Leon.
Welcome back, Leon.
Screenshot: Capcom

During today’s Oculus Gaming Showcase, executive producer Ruth Bram shared more information on the upcoming virtual reality port of Resident Evil 4.


Resident Evil 4 on Oculus Quest 2, which is being developed by Armature Studio, shifts the classic survival horror game from the often-imitated, over-the-shoulder viewpoint of the original to a first-person perspective with both teleporting and full locomotion movement options. Furthermore, every item in the game—from ammo pickups to weapons—is now a physical object that you can interact with. Instead of pausing to access the inventory, you’ll also be able to physically pull out different guns stashed on Leon’s body. Dual-wielding is in too, a massive change from the original game.

Oculus (YouTube)

“Armature is using core elements from the original Resident Evil 4 to drive gameplay and systems, but they’ve remastered art—over 4,500 textures have either been repainted or had their resolution increased,” the Oculus blog explains. “Character animations have been faithfully converted to Unreal Engine 4 and remain untouched from the original source material, and all cutscenes will be presented in their original format.”

As a big fan of Resident Evil 4 who’s otherwise uninterested in virtual reality, this Oculus Quest 2 port has me intrigued. I’m totally down for traipsing through the game’s terrifying Spanish countryside from a whole new perspective, but I’m skeptical of the need for new gameplay mechanics like dual-wielding. I guess we’ll find out if the brilliant Resident Evil 4 shines as brightly on Oculus Quest 2 when it arrives later this year.

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Everything about this is rad, except the Oculus Quest 2 part. I already have the original Oculus and it still works great. Why would I waste money on a set that doesn’t add anything? A PS5 exclusive that can’t be played on PS4 makes sense, but there isn’t anything here that can’t be experienced on other Oculus headsets. Has anyone said anything to the effect that this is only a timed exclusive with an eventual release on other Oculus devices, at least?