Red Dead Redemption 2, One Month Later

Red Dead Redemption 2 has been out for one month, which is about as long as it takes for Arthur Morgan to stumble from Valentine to Saint Denis. The blockbuster western was defined by controversy before launch, but critical and fan response has been strong. The journey’s been short but the road’s had some occasional bumps. Here’s what’s happened since release.

  • After nearly one month without information other than “sometime in November,” Rockstar finally announces a closed beta for Red Dead Online. Players who bought the Ultimate Edition can start up multiplayer tomorrow, launch day players can log in on Wednesday, and players who bought the game from October 27-29th can play on Thursday. Everyone else needs to wait until Friday to ride with their posse.

And that’s where we are. Red Dead Redemption 2 has dominated discussion, from accounts of smaller moments to larger questions about AAA design. As the game expands, players will undoubtedly cause trouble in Red Dead Online and uncover more hidden secrets. From mysteries and online hijinks to thinkpieces and more, we’ll be talking about this game—the good and the bad—for a long time.

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